Strictly Briks toys take home 3 Hot Diggity Awards

Posted by Strictly Briks on Feb 9th 2018

We are proud to announce that three Strictly Briks toys were selected for Hot Diggity Awards in 2017: Our Silicone Briks & Straps™ set, our Brik Tower set, and our Unique Shapes Towers.The Hot Dig … read more

Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates [VIDEO]

Posted by Strictly Briks on Jan 5th 2017

Whether it's the floor, a child’s desk or your building table, what’s the one thing you need to start your brick building? Well, it’s not a mandatory requisite, but it sure helps. It’s a baseplate.The … read more

Baseplates in 36 Colors - Giving Creativity Its Base

Posted by Brian Semling on Dec 12th 2016

Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates take creative building to the next level!Choose from 36 different colors, a variety of unique shapes, sizes and multi-color combo sets—literally hundreds of b … read more