Baseplates in 36 Colors - Giving Creativity Its Base

Posted by Brian Semling on Dec 12th 2016

Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates take creative building to the next level!

Choose from 36 different colors, a variety of unique shapes, sizes and multi-color combo sets—literally hundreds of building brick options you won’t find anywhere else. Each baseplate can be stacked vertically by using Stackers™ to build a tower, garage, castle or as the base for endless creations. Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates are compatible with all major brands, including Lego and Mega Bloks.

6"x6" Stackable Baseplates

Let fun and creativity shine with our Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates. We offer multiple color options so your children will have plenty of baseplates and Stackers™ to build their creations with.

6"x6" Stackable Baseplate Sets come in 36 different colors and tons of multi-color combinations. Baseplate Tower Sets include our Stackers™ to allow your children to build vertically and create towers, car garages or homes for their other toys!

10"x10" Stackable Baseplates

For the more ambitious builder, we have the 10"x10" Stackable Baseplate Sets from Strictly Briks®. 36 colors to keep the creativity and imagination flowing while building!

Available in single color and multi-color packs, there is guaranteed to be a color combination that fits you and your children perfectly! The 10"x10" Stackable Baseplate Sets will give you the same wide selection of colors, with tons of more space!

2x2 Stackers

Our 2x2 Stackers™ are compatible with all the building block toys you already own. 2x2 Stackers™ are improved for additional stability while building, to ensure you can take your building to even greater heights than before. Stackers™ are included in our Stackable Baseplate Towers Sets or are available for purchase in their own 180 Packs here.

36 Different Colors to improve yours and your children's building! Shop through our selection to find the perfect color combinations to enhance your creative play today!