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Robotics Month at Knock Knock Brings Strictly Briks to Life

Posted by Brian Semling on Apr 18th 2019

Strictly Briks recently announced its first makerspace program designed to expand creative play … read more

Knock Knock Museum's Makerspace Grant Benefits Kids with Disabilities

Posted by Brian Semling on Feb 28th 2019

In 2018, Strictly Briks announced our first Makerspace program, intended to expand creative … read more

Building Blocks Therapy for Autism

Posted by Brian Semling on Jan 17th 2019

Children of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles thrive on familiarity. But according to Austral … read more

Play Therapy Toys for Children with Autism

Posted by Brian Semling on Dec 21st 2018

Children with autism play differently than their peers, which can make playtime, an activity that … read more

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