Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates [VIDEO]

Posted by Strictly Briks on Jan 5th 2017

Whether it's the floor, a child’s desk or your building table, what’s the one thing you need to start your brick building? Well, it’s not a mandatory requisite, but it sure helps. It’s a baseplate.

They help your children build on soft ground, provide a starting point for building and allow you to transfer your creations from one place to the next. While it’s not physically impossible to play with building bricks without a baseplate, it is essential to the overall experience of building.

Baseplates act as a launchpad for the imagination. They are the point at which our creations start and where they are housed. The thing is, with the baseplates we’re accustomed to, the only functionality they possess is to be built on. Baseplates are the largest piece in our sets we have to build on, but it's irritating when that piece needs to always remain flat on a surface below it.

Regular baseplates we use everyday are intended to be the base of our creations and nothing more. Wouldn’t it be nice to build a multi-level tower with your children or a two-story house for your building brick city without having to piece together multiple, smaller platform pieces? Yes, it would. That’s why we created Strictly Briks®Stackable Baseplates.

Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates let you and your children build to the sky with multiple levels, while the other building brick baseplates on the market don’t. Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates have a bottom side like any regular building brick piece, allowing you to connect our Stackers and other bricks below it.

Say your children are spending the afternoon playing with building bricks. A mess of bricks is scattered across the entire floor to the point of where you can no longer walk through your living room. Your children don’t know any better though, they’re just expressing their own creativity (or a scattered mind) while playing. If they were building on Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates that mess could be confined vertically, instead of all over your floor!

Now think about playtime in kindergarten. The students are doing some activities to keep them busy and playing with every toy in sight. They grab the stuffed animals and are using them on every surface imaginable to play on. To keep them occupied and make sure they aren’t knocking anything off your bookshelves, incorporate Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates into the room! The children will have fun building Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates into towers or shelves, and then bring all their other toys into the mix. Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates aren’t only compatible with all major building block brands, they’re compatible with all toys!

We’ve covered how your children can use it, but have you thought about the value Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates can bring to your life? Imagine the latest house or skyscraper edition you’re adding to your building block city. Being the experienced builder you are, we know the exterior of the building is going to be on point. But what makes that building remarkably better and more realistic? Actual stories that can be built into the structure. Sure, to the eye your building looks amazing on the outside. But think about the detail you could add if you could build floor by floor rather than having a hollow building. Bringing Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates into your building block city would make you the talk of the adult building community.

As you can tell, we have something at Strictly Briks® that’s suitable for any and everyone who enjoys brick building and creative play. Whether your children love it, students use it in the classroom or you are a fan yourself, Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates are here to make your building easier, more innovative and imaginative.

If you’re looking to add Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates to your creative play and building brick collection, browse our Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates here. If you have any questions about our baseplates and how they can enhance your creative play, shoot us an email at!