Check Out These Cool Creations Made with Strictly Briks

Posted by Brian Semling on Jul 2nd 2018

We always talk about how Strictly Briks toys fuel a child’s imagination and inventiveness. But it continues to amaze us how much inherent creativity kids are born with and the amazing structures they’ll invent with Strictly Briks.

Our toys don’t come with instructions - we believe that a child’s imagination is their best roadmap. Just look at these creations and you’ll know what we mean.

A castle tower perfect for a princess

This Strictly Briks follower on Facebook loves the way Strictly Brik’s stackable baseplates and 2”x2” stackers are compatible with the building bricks she already owns. She created a three-story castle that’s suitable for any princess. She also raves about our affordable prices, and various color options. She says she particularly likes our translucent building blocks, and can’t wait to buy more so she can build her castle tower even higher.

Little Man Bun creates a house with a garage

Little Man Bun is a fun blog about a child named Micah, and his iconic man bun. Micah and his mom are big fans of Strictly Briks and Micah uses a variety of our building brick toys to make an innovative multi-level house with ramps, a closet, and a garage! Micah tells his mom our trap and gap baseplates are his favorite because his cars can drive up and down the ramps and they stack on top of each other, “Look, Mommy!” he shouts in excitement as he transports his toy cars from one level to another. Micah also uses our Alpha Briks to practice for his spelling tests at school.

Mommy’s Block Party takes Strictly Briks on-the-go

Moms, educators, business owners and storytellers at Mommy’s Block Party blog love our flexible roll-up silicone baseplate that comes with a super handy drawstring bag. Blogger and mom Ondria, says her son wants to take his building bricks with him everywhere, and traditional building brick sets don’t allow for easy portability. Our silicone baseplate rolls up so she can take her son’s building brick toys in the car, on a plane, to soccer games and more. She loves the drawstring bag because it can fit the roll-up baseplate along with additional building bricks so her son’s playtime can travel with him anywhere.

She also loves the silicone baseplate’s reversible sides that allow her son to use both Big Briks and traditional briks. With Strictly Brik’s silicone baseplate her son creates a mashup of two worlds on one mat! Batman and Ninjago! He then deconstructs, rolls it up, packs more bricks in the drawstring bag and carries endless building possibilities with him anywhere.

The Bragging Mommy builds creativity to new heights

Blogger at The Bragging Mommy has two sons, ages seven and eight, who love our stackable baseplates. They take their building brick towers to new heights as they build level after level, with our innovative set that allows you to build your creations vertically. She says our stackable base plates are “genius,” and wonders, “Why hasn’t this been done before?” Her children try to build their towers as high as they possibly can, allowing their creativity to reach new levels.

Velociraptors, sauropods, and tyrannosaurus rex!

This child travels back into Jurassic times as he builds three different dinosaur species with our Big Briks. He truly lets his imagination run wild.

Spread the love

One of our Strictly Briks fans spreads love while building a heart that’s larger than life!

Spell it out

Another Facebook follower spells our their love for Strictly Briks toys with Alpha Briks. Her grandson thinks “Strictly Briks are #1.”

Endless possibilities with open-ended creative play

Open-ended creative play allows your child to take ownership of their creativity. Strictly Briks toys encourage your child’s imagination to lead the way. When your child builds with Strictly Briks they create their own story. This kind of playtime boosts their self-esteem, and develops their social, emotional and intellectual skills. We hope these Strictly Briks creations inspire your child’s creative play, and don’t forget to share their incredible constructions with us on Facebook and Instagram!