Introducing Rubik's Briks! A New Take on a Classic Idea

Introducing Rubik's Briks! A New Take on a Classic Idea

Posted by Brian Semling on Oct 31st 2018

Strictly Briks is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest collection, Rubik’s Briks! Innovative 3D Briks designed for the next generation of builders, Rubik’s Briks challenge your child’s creativity, engage their brains and encourage them to think outside of the cube. Our newest collection of Rubik’s Briks offers a handful of different toys. Choose from Rubik’s Briks Building Sets that allow children to create the most innovative 3D buildings, vehicles, and animals, or let your children create a mosaic work of art with Strictly Briks Pixels. Now your child’s building possibilities are truly endless!

Rubik’s Briks 3D Play Building Sets give a new take on a classic idea.

Children’s ordinary building brick creations are about to transform. Rubik’s Briks 3D Building Sets allow children to build in all directions. Sideways, upside-down, maybe even inside-out, with step-by-step instructions, children can build a variety of creations from construction vehicles to soaring skyscrapers. Once children build the options offered in the set,  watch them take it apart and create something entirely from their own imagination! All 3D building sets are perfect for ages 6 and up.

A variety of 3D Building Sets to match every child’s unique interests

Whether your child loves trips to the zoo or has dreams of being a race car driver, with a variety of options to choose from, our Rubik’s Briks 3D sets let your child build creations that match their unique interests. Our wide range of building sets include

  • Construction set: This 3 in 1 building set includes step-by-step instructions for children to create a bulldozer, dump truck, and digger. When children build and take their construction sets apart, watch them build their own creations.
  • Zoo animal set: Perfect for children who love visits to the zoo, this set lets children build a penguin, ostrich, and gorilla.
  • Building set: Is your child an architect in the making? The building set gives children the materials they need to create a skyscraper, fortress, and castle.
  • Vehicle set: For children who aspire to travel far and wide, our vehicle set allows children to construct a spaceship, airplane, and racecar.

Every child is a talented artist when they play with Strictly Briks Pixels

Let your children display their creativity and artistic talent as they create fun and imaginative designs with Rubik’s Briks Pixels. Each Pixel set includes easy-to-handle tiles that your children can use to make beautiful mosaic works of art. Sets come with instructions that teach children how to build specific pictures. Pixel sets come in a variety of themes so your child can pick their favorite. Choose from our various sets

  • Ocean animal set: Includes tiles for children to make pictures of a fish, whale, dolphin, or starfish.
  • Wildlife animal set: Children can create a fox, lion, squirrel, or chick.
  • Transport set: Instructions included for children to make pictures of a spaceship, hot air balloon, airplane, or sailboat.
  • Vehicle set: Children can create a fire truck, race car, red truck, or dump truck.

With Rubik’s Briks children can enjoy endless building possibilities! Watch your children build in all directions as their creativity shines and their imagination expands!