Educator Sales and Discounts

Strictly Briks Invests in the Future of our Children

We invest in the future of our children by offering discounted bulk purchase options for schools, libraries, educational institutions, day care centers, preschools and similar organizations.

The Importance of Creative Play for Early Education

Strictly Briks toys are specifically designed to develop a child’s STEM skills, problem-solving, and language-learning. Our building blocks and building sets create an engaging playtime suitable for any educational setting. With our toys, children test new ideas to inspire their creativity and develop their confidence. These skills directly impact their early education and learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Strictly Briks Toys Give Children the Essential Building Blocks for a Successful Future.

Strictly Briks provides children with a world of opportunity to learn and grow. Children challenge their curiosity as they play with a variety of toys that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, which introduce them to new concepts. With Strictly Briks uniquely shaped baseplates, children build structures on circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. They can spell and learn new vocabulary with our Alpha Briks, or practice their addition and subtraction and learn new equations with our Math Briks. Strictly Briks toys present children with ongoing opportunities to advance their education while playing.

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