What is Creative Play?

Posted by Brian Semling on Oct 10th 2016

You hear it from us all the time, but have you ever stopped to think, “What is Creative Play?” We mention it on our website, social media and in material that comes with our products. But really, what is Creative Play?

Well, Creative Play is exactly what it sounds like! Merriam Webster defines Creative Play as “children’s play (as modeling or painting) that tends to satisfy the need for self-expression as well as to develop manual skills.” To sum that up, we say Creative Play is when kids are using toys that inspire creative thinking and enhance imagination. When kids are using their toys or activities to learn, innovate, build or design, they are flexing their creative muscles and engaging in Creative Play!

Every toy from Strictly Briks is made to allow your children to be as creative as possible while continuously learning when building. When your children open a bag of Strictly Briks, they are encouraged to use the set however they want! This style of play is meant to help kids learn to use their imagination to develop a vision of what they want to build.

Creative Play is important to the development of your children, and humans as a whole. It is an important aspect that is incorporated into classrooms, and early childhood education programs because of the benefits is has for children's well-being, imagination and creativity.

When your children engage in Creative Play on a regular basis, the learning process never stops! So if you haven’t already, start taking a serious look at how your children spend their time playing and ask, “Is this constructive to their development?” If the answer is no, you should check us out!