What Can We Build Together With Strictly Briks?

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 9th 2018

Strictly Briks award-winning STEM toys have won over the teachers and children of Peachtree Presbyterian Pre-School in Atlanta, Georgia!

STEM learning is based around four disciplines: science, technology, engineering and math—all of which Strictly Briks covers. As children build and create, they learn basic skills in these branches of education. Strictly Briks toys encourage kids to think, build, create, and most importantly, play!

The Peachtree Presbyterian students immediately loved the variety of colors and how the pieces are easy to manipulate. Speech language pathologist, Dr. Indy Soos praises Strictly Briks because "it is a non digital game. It involves people. Play is a conduit to creativy and strictlky briks paves the way for children to be able to be creative."

"There are no limits to who can use any of these toys because you can tap into a child's skill level wherever they are, however low and however high."

The Pre-K teachers love that Strictly Briks encourages open ended play, imagination, and growth. Strictly Briks is not limited in play—the possibilities are endless!

Dr. Soos admires Strictly Briks Silicone Alpha Briks and Math Briks because they can be used for letter identification, blending words, and rhyming words. The Peachtree kids love them because they're pliable, bendable, and squishy.

Strictly Briks products come in a variety of different shapes; the kids are actually learning shape vocabulary! Since Strictly Briks's products have a unique variety of bright, fun shades, the children are learning color identification as they play and build.

The kids are amazed with Strictly Briks's silicone products. The flexible material gives the kids more ground to create and build; bending around corners, flexible bridges, and looping toys together!

The Brik Buster was a grand hit in all of Peachtree's classrooms. Dr. Soos says, "Everyone wanted to play with this game. Everyone wanted another set so they could have two. This is a great game. It teaches patience, compromise, and teaches [kids] how to have strategies for waiting and watching." Who doesn't love when the Brik Buster starts tumbling down at the end?

Strictly Briks toys are amazingly fun and have educational value. This is necessary for the development and creative growth of children.