Trap and Gap Baseplates Win Tillywig Award for Parents' Favorite Products

Posted by Brian Semling on May 7th 2018

Strictly Briks is thrilled to announce that our Trap and Gap Baseplates are recipients of the Tillywig Award for Parents’ Favorite Products. Parents love the way Trap and Gap Baseplates allow children to fully engage their imagination and create their own story. Our toys make your child’s pretend play more fun and creative.

About the Tillywig Awards

Tillywig aims to bring retailers, news media, parents, and consumers reviews of the best children’s products in the industry and current marketplace. They review a large range of children’s products that include toys, games, mobile apps, maternity, baby, parenting, music, video, books, clothing and furniture, and health and safety. They insure that all Tillywig winners are products awarded for their high entertainment and educational value.

Recipients of Tillywig Awards are evaluated on these standards of excellence

  • Ease of First-Use: How easy is the toy or or product to use for a child the very first time? This requires simple instructions that are easy to understand and a product design that enables play without difficulty
  • Replay Value: Will the child enjoy the toy enough the first time to want to play with it again?
  • Quality/Appearance: Is the product well-made?
  • Social Interaction/Fun Factor: What types of social interactions does the product enable children to have? Does it allow children to have fun?
  • Creativity: Does it engage children’s creativity and motivate them to use their imagination?
  • Thought Process/ Motor Skills: Does the product motivate children to think in ways they’ve never thought before?

It’s easy to see that our Trap and Gap Baseplates meet all of Tillywig Awards’ criteria.

Trap and Gap Baseplates motivate children to use their imagination.

Unlike traditional building bricks and baseplates, Trap and Gap Baseplates engage your child’s creativity. The baseplates have trap doors, gaps, and ramps that allow your child to create their own unique storyline with the toys they already have. Whether they want to send their toy characters to a completely different universe, or give the bad guy a quick escape route, the possibilities are endless. Your child can add action, suspense, and excitement to their pretend play. Trap and Gap Baseplates are compatible with the toys your child already owns, including other building brick sets.

Educational and Fun

Children enjoy toys that are fun, and parents want their chilTrap and Gap Baseplates Win Tillywig Award for Parents' Favorite Productsdren to have fun too, but they also care about their education. The Tillywig Awards recognize toys that have a balance of both. Trap and Gap Baseplates are fun and educational. They allow your child to create a story, and when they play with other children they get to share that story. Pretend play requires communication that helps your child engage their social and language-learning skills.

Our Tillywig Award for Parents’ Favorite Products recognizes why parents love our Trap and Gap Baseplates. They’re fun, educational, and engaging. Parents love our toys and children love them too.