The Importance Of Parent-Child Playtime, and How It Shapes Early Childhood Development

Posted by Brian Semling on May 31st 2018

Busy schedules and heavy workloads make it difficult for parents to make time for parent-child play, but this interaction is essential to a child’s early development in many ways. Parent-child playtime allows for a unique connection that creates a lasting bond. It’s great to see your child have fun, but it’s even greater to play an active role in that. Fun for children and parents to enjoy together, Strictly Briks toys are an excellent way for parents to get involved in their child’s playtime, and ultimately shape their lives in various ways.

Children Benefit from Parent-Child Play Time

Playtime for children is extremely important, so important the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognizes it as a right of every child. Creative play allows children to build the cognitive, physical, and social skills that benefit their development from early childhood all the way through adulthood. Equally important to a child’s playtime is the amount of time their parent is involved. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, parents with children under the age of six spend a daily average of one hour playing with their child in non-sport activities, of which only one-tenth is spent doing activities related to their child’s education. For children ages six through twelve, this time consists of just 10 minutes every day. Playtime is important for children and parents to enjoy together so that parents can play a role in the development of their child’s cognitive and social abilities.

Parent-child play develops your child’s social skills

Parents might not see how helping their child build a pirate ship or shopping mall affects their child’s development, but it does! When children play, they use their imagination to create and their own world, and when a parent shares that experience with them, the connection is irreplaceable. Strictly Briks toys engage a child’s imagination and allows them the freedom of creative expression, especially with their parents. Our toys are perfect for parent-child play because both parent and child can create, construct, and imagine their world together.

The exchanges you have with your child during playtime require them to share and communicate their unique ideas. Whether you build a farm for unicorns or a professional football stadium, involvement in your child’s playtime means you can see their social skills develop right before your eyes as they interact and articulate their thoughts freely. Additionally, parent-child playtime gives your child affirmation. When you show enthusiasm for their constructions with Strictly Briks toys, you affirm their creativity. This affirmation instills a sense of self-confidence that motivates their social interactions. Play with your child often to boost their confidence and develop their social-learning skills.

Parent-child play shows your child that you care

Parents who relate to their children through play make a beneficial impact on their child’s development. When parents play with their children they’re sharing their child’s perspective. This shows children that their parents care and that they want to play an active role in their child’s life. Every child communicates and expresses themselves differently, and connecting with them through play allows you to discover and relate to these unique qualities. Show your child that you care and connect with them at meaningful moments as they invite you into their creative world.

Parents benefit too!

Involvement with your child not only benefits their well-being, it benefits yours. As a parent, when you interact with your child during playtime, you become more aware and sensitive to their social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs. This newly-formed awareness and sensitivity allows you to feel more confident in your parenting abilities and decision-making skills. Playing with your child allows you to better understand them as a parent, and understanding your child helps you give them better guidance. Plus, involvement in your child’s playtime means you get to spend valuable time with them, and what parent doesn’t love that?

Parent-child play benefits both children and parents. By becoming more involved in your child’s playtime you develop their social skills, boost their confidence, and develop a meaningful connection that creates understanding and affirmation. Make time for your child and share in their world of imagination with Strictly Briks toys.