The Cube™ by Strictly Briks [VIDEO]

Posted by Brian Semling on Nov 16th 2016

Have you seen our latest innovation? We built The Cube™ to bring a new dimension to your creative play. The Cube™ has 6 separate pieces that come together to create various building surfaces that are still compatible with Strictly Briks and your other favorite brick building sets!

Since the possibilities to build are endless, we’re here to show you some of our favorite ways to incorporate the latest innovation from Strictly Briks into your creative play!

Build off The Cube™ with Standard Briks.

Build off The Cube™ with Big Briks.

Use as a storage bin for your other toys.

Stash it on your desk as decoration.

Build on the floor (laid out, not put together 3 dimensionally).

We’re only scratching the surface here with what you can build with The Cube™ by Strictly Briks!