Strictly Briks’ Trap and Gap Baseplates Win PAL Award For Language Learning Excellence

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 28th 2018

Strictly Briks is thrilled to announce that our Trap and Gap Baseplates are the recipients of the unique and prestigious PAL (Play Advances Language) award. This latest recognition represents how Strictly Briks creates toys that advance a child’s language learning skills, benefiting their knowledge now, and for their future.

What is the PAL award?

The PAL award recognizes outstanding toys, games, and books that encourage and facilitate a child’s speech and language development. Through their design, quality, content and character, toys that win this award demonstrate play that advances language. It is the only Toy Industry recognition led by a credentialed speech and language expert, Sherry Artemenko, who has 35 years of child development experience as a licensed speech pathologist and over 15,000 hours working with kids. Strictly Briks’ Trap and Gap Baseplates, as winner of this award, encourage the development of your child’s language learning skills and demonstrate how play can not only benefit their creativity, but their ability to communicate and express themselves in a fun and healthy way.

What makes our Trap and Gap Baseplates PAL worthy?

Our classic baseplates with traps and gaps advance your child’s language learning development and their 3D visualization. Strictly Briks is founded on the encouragement of creativity, and ultimately how that creativity helps your child learn and grow. Our latest PAL award recognizes how this toy enables the power of storytelling within your child. Trap and Gap Baseplates are uniquely designed traps that drop the floor out from under in your child’s creative construction. Your child can play and create ways for their toy cars and people to drop down for escape, chase and hiding and the possibilities for your child’s play construction are endless! This toy allows kids to jump right in and make different configurations that match the stories they’ve created and provides new directions for open-ended play. This is where the most learning occurs, within the open-ended story that allows your child to enhance their language proficiency by expressing their creativity.

The importance of early language development for your child

Children begin to learn language in its simplest form from the early stages of infancy. The most intensive period for acquiring speech and language skills is within their first 3 years of life. Strictly Briks’ Trap and Gap Baseplates help your child engage in the language learning experience by allowing them to build and imagine their own unique creations. PAL awards toys that benefit your child’s language learning skills in the following ways:

  • the toys create opportunities for kids to describe multi-sensory experiences
  • they allow them to make scenarios for open-ended play generating rich interaction and dialogue
  • the toys enable them to participate in experiments in which rich play sparks STEM words, and inspiration for creative storytelling and sharing


Parents want their children to play with toys that are fun and occupy them. But many parents also want that added educational value during their child’s play time . Our recent PAL award reassures parents that our Trap And Gap Baseplates aren’t just fun, they’re educational. If you want to engage your child’s language learning skills and spark their imagination check out our PAL award winning Trap and Gap Baseplates for yourself.