Strictly Briks' Trap And Gap Baseplates Win Mom's Choice Award

Posted by Brian Semling on Apr 26th 2018

Strictly Briks’ latest award arrives just in time for Mother’s Day! We’re so excited to announce that our Trap and Gap Baseplates won The Mom’s Choice Awards for toys, games, and puzzles.

About The Mom’s Choice Awards

The Mom’s Choice Awards choose toys from all around the world that are evaluated on educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost. The program is globally recognized for “establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.” They’ve evaluated toys from over 55 different countries and have a well-established panel of judges that range from experts in education and media to scientists to stay-at home parents. MCA evaluators look for products that benefit a family’s emotional, physical, and spiritual stability. They award items that encourage good morals and inspire positivity. The Mom’s Choice Awards are a trusted mark of excellence that distinguish winners from all other toys and products as educational, fun, and affordable.

What makes Trap and Gap Baseplates worthy of a Mom’s Choice Award?

There’s no question that moms care about the toys their children play with. They want their child’s playtime to be fun, but they also want it to be educational. Strictly Briks’ Trap and Gap Baseplates meet all of The Mom’s Choice Awards criteria as they engage your child’s creativity and imagination with endless possibilities for incredible creations. These one of a kind baseplates have a unique design that allows your children to make traps that drop the floor out from underneath their remarkable constructions. Your child can imagine and create secret escapes for their toy cars and people to make a sneaky getaway, give the bad guys an escape route, or let the good guys find another way out. Trap and Gap Baseplates allow your child to create their own story and be infinitely creative.

Encourage creativity and imagination with Trap and Gap Baseplates

Creativity and imaginative play are extremely important to a child’s development and well-being. When your child uses their imagination during playtime it benefits their social, emotional, and language-learning skills. According to psychologist Sandra Russ, a number of different cognitive and affective processes are associated with pretend play. Her research indicates that when children participate in pretend play, or the use of a child’s imagination during playtime, they engage their emotion and cognition simultaneously. Research has found the pretend play also allows children to experiment with new vocabulary and phrases they’ve otherwise never used.

Trap and Gap Baseplates allow your child to pretend play. They let your child create their own story and use their imagination to guide their building creations.