Strictly Briks Toys are Mom-Approved: Why Moms Love Strictly Briks

Posted by Brian Semling on May 11th 2018

Moms always want the best for their children. From food to clothes, and everything in between, Moms only give their children the products that they approve and love.

Moms who want to give their kids the best toys choose Strictly Briks. Mothers love the way Strictly Briks toys engage their child’s learning during creative play time, and by evidence of our recent Mom’s Choice Award, Strictly Briks toys are clearly Mom-Approved.

If you’re wondering what makes Strictly Briks so special and how our toys will benefit your child, check out these mom bloggers who love our toys and their children who love them just as much.


Mommy blogger “KH” at MomFabFun, an online destination for fabulous moms, loves three of our Strictly Briks toys: Brik Buster, AlphaBriks, and MathBriks. She enjoys the way our Brik Buster game challenges her kids to both build the tower and strategically knock it down piece by piece without the entire structure toppling over. She says her kids “dissolve into giggles” every time the structure collapses. After the laughter subsides, they’re motivated to build another tower and try again.

AlphaBriks make spelling fun! The MomFabFun blogger also loves the way our AlphaBriks and MathBriks improve her children’s spelling and math learning skills. The letters and numbers conveniently work with the baseplates she already owns. Her preschoolers immediately start spelling out their names and their favorite TV characters. Her son had a blast with MathBriks and even began building out simple math equations that he later solved! This MomFabFun blogger thoroughly enjoys Strictly Brik toys and appreciates the fun way they engage her children’s learning.

Parenting In Progress

Bethany, creator of Parenting in Progress, is another mom who loves Strictly Briks toys. She reviewed our Trap and Gap Baseplates and truly appreciates how they let her child’s imagination run wild. “There’s no right or wrong way to assemble, as a child’s imagination is the only guide,” she writes. Our Trap and Gap Baseplates are unique toys that allow your child to build their own story. Her child can use the trap doors and ramps in whatever way fits her story best. Whether it’s a quick escape for the bad guy, or a slide for customers in the middle of a shopping mall, Trap and Gap Baseplates allow her child’s creative freedom to flourish.

Chasing SuperMom

Mom blogger Bekki, from Chasing Supermom is another huge fan of Strictly Briks AlphaBriks and MathBriks and uses them for her children’s homeschooling. She recently added our Trap and Gap Baseplates to her StrictlyBriks collection and she not only enjoys the way they allow her kids to use their imagination, but how her children can use the toy cars and action figures they already own with the set. Her children can intermix their other favorite toys with Strictly Briks to create a brand new story.

Mothers everywhere love Strictly Briks toys for their attention to creativity, education, and fun. Moms who want the best toys for their children choose Strictly Briks.