Introducing Mini Sets! The Ultimate Source for Creative Play Now Mini

Posted by Brian Semling on Oct 18th 2018

Strictly Briks is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our building brick collection, Mini Sets! Now children can build their BIG imagination into mini creations. Our mini sets offer a variety of your children’s favorite Strictly Briks toys like our base plates, tower, and cube in teeny tiny sizes. Mini sets give your children the same endless building possibilities in smaller packages.

Mini Sets are stackable with Classic Bricks and Baseplates Tiny Tower

If your children love taking their building brick creations to new heights, they’ll certainly enjoy our classic bricks and baseplates tiny tower. The same fun stackable components in teeny tiny sizes, this is one of our many mini sets that children love to build. With six 8x8 stackable baseplates and 20 Stackers™, your children can use this tiny tower to build a skyscraper, showcase their action figures, and create their imagination into reality. All of our mini sets are compatible with all major brands, including Lego and are perfect for children ages 5 and up. This Tiny Tower STEM toy comes in a variety of colors so your child can choose their favorite.

Mini Cube Building Set creates a new way to play

The Mini Cube Building Set allows your child to build in all directions with no limitations. Add fun and creativity to playtime as you watch their imagination come to life with 3-dimensional scenes. This mini set includes 6 stackable 8x8 baseplates and 8 3-D Briks that create a Mini Cube. Castles, houses, cars, or cities, with this mini set your child can imagine and build it all. For a larger version of endless 3-D possibilities check out our classic Cube.

Make a masterpiece with Classic Mini Pixel Brick Set

The Classic Mini Pixel Brick Set lets your children create beautiful mosaic art. Children create pictures from their imagination with 1x1 Pixels that fit on the mini baseplate. Flowers, emojis, abstract patterns, and more, with 100 Pixels, your child can create a masterpiece. This mini set comes with four 8x8 stackable baseplates, six 2x4 flat bricks and 100 1x1 pixels. Like all Strictly Briks toys, The Mini Pixel Brick Set is compatible with all major brands, including Lego.

Know when Santa’s on his way with our Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

This jolly time of year can’t come soon enough, especially for children. Make counting down the days to Christmas fun for kids with Strictly Briks Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar. Kids build their own calendar with our easy to remove 1x1 Pixels and our unique 3-D Briks. Change the numbers as Christmas gets closer and watch your children’s excitement soar. 

This mini set includes 12 8x8 baseplates, 1 20x20 baseplate, 150 1x1 Pixels, 24 3-D Briks, 16 2x2 AlphaBriks and instructions to make an Advent Calendar.

When it’s time to decorate your tree, don’t just let your children hang the ornaments, let them build their own with Strictly Briks DIY Cube Christmas Ornament. Make this holiday season super imaginative and fun with Strictly Briks mini sets.

Strictly Briks Mini Sets give children limitless building possibilities in teenier tinier sizes. Towers, cubes, stackable baseplates, and more our variety of mini sets include your child’s favorite Strictly Briks toys in smaller sizes.