How to Organize Your Building Bricks

Posted by Brian Semling on Jun 14th 2018

From spaceships to shopping malls and submarines, children love using building bricks to create something remarkable, but parents know all too well the mess they leave behind. Just one set of toys can contain as many as 500 building bricks, and before you know it they consume your entire playroom floor. With all the different sets, colors, shapes and sizes, how do you store your building bricks in a neat and organized way? Brick organization can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and tips, any child or parent can keep their building bricks tidy, neat, and organized.

How to keep your building bricks organized

Tip: Use bins without lids

Most children love play time but they don’t love the cleanup time that follows. When you store your building bricks in containers with lids, it requires your children to remove the lid before they can put the building bricks away. There’s always a stray brick (or more) laying around after cleanup is “done” and when kids have to remove a lid to put them away, they’re more likely to leave those stray bricks laying on the floor. Often in a rush to clean as fast as they can, children might find it easier if they can throw their bricks quickly into an open bin for easy cleanup rather than having to remove lids and put containers back. Open storage organizers are perfect for kids cleaning up in a hurry.

Sort by color

Storage for building bricks can vary depending on the type of buildings and projects your child creates. One way to store and organize your building bricks is to sort them by color. Many times your child will have a specific creation in mind, whether they want to build a giant yellow smiley face or a bright red racecar, they often construct projects that require specific building block colors. Strictly Briks building brik sets come in a variety of fun colors perfect for building anything your child imagines. Make their building easy by sorting your building bricks by color. Cleanup can even be educational as younger children learn their colors by sorting each brick into the container where it belongs.

Sort by shape and size

You can also store your building bricks by shape and size. Sort large bricks into one container and small bricks into another. If you have miscellaneous shaped bricks store them separately. When your child needs a particular brick they know exactly where to find it, and where to put it away.

Building Brick Binder

If you’re bored with traditional organizational bins and boxes try this awesome building brick binder that makes organizing your building bricks easy and fun. Solve all of your organizational needs with one binder and never step on a misplaced building brick again. Wife, mother, and graphic designer, Kathy Thornbug created the completely downloadable and printable brick binder with various components. Her binder first allows you to organize your building brick sets by category. For example cities, Star Wars, or castles. Organize your building brick sets into these categories and fill out a notecard for each set. Place the notecards in the categories they belong. For example, if you have a New York City brick set, fill out a notecard for New York City, and place it in the cities category. This way, you know exactly how many sets and building bricks you have so you never misplace or lose track of them.

Organize your instruction booklets

The brick binder also gives you a convenient way to store all of your instruction booklets. Separate your instruction booklets into the categories you’ve planned out in your binder. Store them in a file organizer with dividers labeling each category and place the various instruction booklets in the category they belong.

The binder comes in two fun color schemes and includes the following parts:

  • A descriptive welcome section
  • Binder cover page
  • Binder spines
  • Header sections
  • Set notecards
  • Bin labels
  • Blank notecards
  • Parent tip sheet
  • Parent prep sheet
  • Chore chart
  • Brick sort & play sheets

For an exclusive discount, use code 1SBRIKS at checkout for $1 off the printable 42-page brick binder.

Make cleanup time easier for your children and never lose or step on a misplaced building brick ever again. Use these tips and tricks to organize your building bricks and keep your playroom neat and tidy.