How to Increase Children’s Interest in STEM

Posted by Brian Semling on Sep 4th 2018

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) may not spark your child’s interest at first mention, but if you apply these concepts into activities that are both fun and educational it enhances your child’s learning with immeasurable benefits. We want our children to be creative innovators, critical-thinkers, and wizarding problem-solvers, which are the core values of every STEM curriculum. The hard part, however, isn’t introducing your child to STEM concepts, it’s keeping them interested. Strictly Briks creates toys that engage your child’s STEM learning in fun new ways.  They enhance their STEM skills and allow them to develop an interest in concepts that benefit their future. Here’s how you can make STEM learning fun for your child.

What is STEM education and learning?

The US Department of Education describes STEM education and learning as an effort to equip children with essential skills needed to solve problems, evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. They learn these essential skills through curriculums and lessons that center around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. By learning about these four subjects, children prepare themselves for a successful future.

A promising future for STEM occupations

As a parent, your child’s future is top-priority. You spend the majority of your life planning, preparing, and learning how to give your child opportunities that lead them to success. Many of those opportunities for success revolve around STEM. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM occupations are on the rise. Between May 2009 and May 2015 STEM jobs have grown by 10.5 percent compared to just 5.2 percent in non-STEM occupations. 800,000 STEM jobs added to the US economy in just six years. While your child’s career path is most likely very far away, the increasing growth of STEM jobs in the US is predicted to sustain.

Ways to make STEM learning fun for your child

Incorporate STEM into everyday activities

Similar to convincing your children to eat their vegetables, sometimes getting your children interested in STEM concepts works better if they don’t directly know about it. Getting your child to eat peas and carrots by putting them in your meatball recipe is similar to introducing your child to STEM topics without outwardly telling them. Instead of sitting your child down to “teach them math,” incorporate math into everyday activities to make it fun and interesting. Teach your child how to measure when you bake cookies or cupcakes. When they ask to buy a soda from the vending machine ask them to help you count the coins. There are tons of simple everyday activities that are perfect learning opportunities for STEM concepts in children. Let life be your lesson plan.

Hands-on activities with Strictly Briks and STEM toys

A great way to increase your child’s interest in STEM is to introduce them to hands-on activities with STEM toys like Strictly Briks. Make their experience with STEM less lesson-like and more fun. Our toys are excellent for engaging your child in STEM education through hands-on experience. With Strictly Briks, kids have the creative freedom to build innovations entirely from their imagination. Whether they’re building ramps in a parking garage for their toy cars, or building a house for their action figures and dolls, our toys equip children with the ability to engineer, build, create, and imagine. Strictly Briks are the epitome of STEM toys that allow kids to participate in hands-on activities that feel more like fun and less like lessons.

If you introduce it in the right ways, STEM learning and education can be fun for children. Use these tips to get your children interested in STEM concepts and build skills that are essential for their future. Make learning fun with Strictly Briks large selection of STEM toys.