How Big Briks Enhance Children’s Creativity

Posted by Brian Semling on Oct 7th 2016

If you don’t know by now, we’re all about creativity at Strictly Briks. We got into brick sets to provide you and your children with a toy that can be played with time and time again, not just built once to put on a shelf to never played with again. Since we know your kids want to build freely, we created our sets of Big Briks to fit the creative play needs of every builder!

Our Big Brik Builder Sets come in sizes for all levels of ambitious builders. On top of 3 different pack sizes, we have 36 different colors of briks for hundreds of different building combinations.

We know not to put a cap on anyone’s creativity, so we give you and your children more options to build with. If you think your little builder needs more than just a bag of briks, then add a Tower Set into his or her toy box.

When you open a bag of Big Briks, there are no instructions. We never want limit what you and your children can build, so we encourage you to use your creativity and vision to build something entirely unique. We’ve seen towers, sculptures, houses and much more! We’ll provide your child with the tools to build with what they create is up to them!

Big Briks are compatible with your children’s favorite Duplos, Mega Bloks and other building block toys. Don’t stop there though! Get all your children’s toys involved!

When you build with Big Briks, the building possibilities are endless! When your children pick up a bag of briks, they are picking up the tools that with allow them to play freely and flex their creative muscles to build whatever they desire. Shop our selection of Big Briks here to add your child’s playtime toys today!