Four Strictly Briks Toys Win the Academics' Choice Brain Toy Awards

Posted by Strictly Briks on Feb 2nd 2018

Four Strictly Briks toys were given awards by Academics’ Choice. Our Brik Tower set, Brik Buster game and our 3D Playset: The Cube & Creatorz set, and our AlphaBriks™ & MathBriks™ were all awarded Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Awards.

Academics’ Choice recognizes “mind-building media and toys.” Their awards focus on the best “thinking-based” products in the industry and they help customers find toys that are proven to be educational through their qualified, scientific, and objective approach to evaluation. Academics’ Choice is the only international awards company designed to bring increased recognition to publishers, manufacturers, independent authors and developers that aim to stimulate cognitive growth.

See what Academics’ Choice had to say about our games and toys:

Brik Tower:

"I liked the problem solving and creativity that came from the brick tower. It also builds fine motor skills. For my younger son (6) it required cooperation with a parent or older child and patience. In balancing the levels they were also practicing critical thinking and engineering skills.” Check out our Brik Tower.

Brik Buster:

“We love this game.... This set allows for limitless creative play, teamwork, engineering skills, fine motor skills, imagination, and more. It also allows for practice with following directions, design/copy skills, etc.” Check out our Brik Buster here.

3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz™

"My kids from 6-17 all loved these! They loved being able to build suspended creations, build things at funky angles, and use these new cubes with all of the other brick toys we already had. They have already requested that I buy more for Christmas so that they can build even bigger creations. I will highly recommend The Cube & Creatorz to any parent." Check out our 3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz here.

Strictly Briks AlphaBriks and MathBriksAlphaBriks™ and MathBriks™

"The AlphaBriks and MathBriks were a hit with students. I liked that they engaged students to work on their phonics and literacy skills in another way other than with paper and pencil. Students need a variety of ways to interact with reading, writing, and math to build their foundational skills, and these Briks gave students a break from the traditional paper and pencil methods [and] made it easy for students to "fix" or make changes with ease - no erasing, scribbling, or wasting paper." Check out our AlphaBriks™ and MathBriks™.