6 Ways Educational Toys Can Help Your Child

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 26th 2018

Educational toys not only need to strengthen a child’s development, but they also need to be fun to play with too. The best educational toys include building blocks, building sets, science kits, and coding toys. Nowadays, many modern toys are digital, but the best are still those that encourage children to use their hands and their natural creativity.

Educational toys help develop a child’s senses and understand different concepts like 3D modeling and spatial recognition—skills that cannot always be built with educational video games. Every parent wants their child to bloom as early as possible, so here are ways that Strictly Briks toys can help your child’s development.

  1. Creativity

Since educational toys are open ended, children discover new ways to play whenever they engage with the toys. Since a child is not being told to build a specific structure, but rather creating one from their imagination, this teaches him or her to try new ideas, which builds confidence. For example, Strictly Briks toys can be used to build new “worlds,” cities, landscapes and anything else a child can conceive. Practicing and unleashing creativity helps build problem-solving skills, engineering skills, and sharpens their big imaginations.

  1. New Material to Learn

Educational toys like Strictly Briks are a playground of opportunity to teach your child new vocabulary. Between the different shapes and colors, our bricks fascinate and pique children’s natural curiosity. Basic orange becomes neon orange, and pink becomes magenta when children are grabbing and building. Instead of grabbing baseplates, they are grabbing circles, rectangles, and squares. Our AlphaBriks and MathBriks make learning letters and numbers easy and fun, too! Learning the alphabet becomes enjoyable when a child can click! the letters into place on a baseplate, or peel the squishy silicone off. Math is a breeze when a kid can hold the letters right in their hands and engage with the material, rather than rote learning. Educational toys are a simple way to teach your child basic terminology while also keeping him or her 100% interested.

  1. Problem Solving

Educational toys are designed to give a child a problem that needs solving. What happens when a child is playing, builds two buildings out of bricks, and Batman needs to get across without falling into lava? The child can build a bridge, or use a Silicone Strap to create a safe passage over the danger. Educational toys encourage kids to think a step further while playing—all on their own! Understanding problem solving skills earlier in life can give a child the ability and confidence to independently tackle more complicated problems in the future without always needing help.

  1. Socialization

Building toys encourages cooperation and community. Children can build together, learn to work together, and practice the best ways to communicate when given a creative challenge. If two children want to build a house, and they decide to build it together, they will develop better social skills. Each will agree or disagree with proposed ideas—putting this brick there, or that brick here— and learn to work together to reach their common goal. Simply by playing and building, children can learn cooperation, patience, communication, collaboration and comprehension. Strictly Briks is all about a child learning and growing, but learning in groups is even better.

  1. Motor Skills

Building with blocks can be a challenge sometimes. The pieces have to be unstuck, snapped on, and picked up. Sometimes big structures need proper balance and careful building. Some pieces may be heavier or lighter, and kids will need to position the pieces just right to keep whatever they are building stable. Sometimes structures will fall over and require kids to have good reflexes in catching the object. Sharpening motor skills with educational toys is great for toddlers and will help them develop muscle ability and body awareness.

  1. Keeping ‘Em Busy

To a kid, there is nothing worse than boredom. But educational toys like Strictly Briks can keep a kid so engaged and absorbed, you may forget they are even around. Being engaged in one type of educational play can strengthen attention spans and keep kids from being destructive or disruptive when bored. Don’t forget to check on them every once in a while, they could be trying to build a Strictly Briks tower to the Moon!

Educational toys can only benefit children. Strictly Briks keeps children’s preferences and needs in mind as we create new products. We want to give kids the best educational toys so they can grow up with a solid learning foundation and sharp skill sets. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching a child learn and play simultaneously, so let’s keep encouraging them to Dream, Create, and Grow!