Silicone AlphaBriks™ & MathBriks™ Set – 36 Pieces


Make learning reading and math fun with our award-winning Silicone AlphaBriks™ and MathBriks™!

This learning toy for kids is the winner of numerous awards, including:

and others.

Strictly Briks Silicone AlphaBriks and MathBriks make learning reading, writing, and math fun! Use them at home, in classrooms, or any educational setting to practice spelling new words and constructing fun sentences. Pre-schoolers can use MathBriks to learn their basic numbers.

Silicone AlphaBriks and Mathbriks fit perfectly onto the included blue 10” x 10” baseplate with a tight fit so they won’t fall off if the baseplate is tilted or upside down. Our 2×2 tiles have two open sides that make removing them easy for any size hand.

This 36-piece flexible Silicone AlphaBriks and MathBriks set contains all 26 English letters and all 10 digits 0 through 9 in a classic, light green color, plus one blue, 10″x10″ silicone baseplate. Backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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  • LARGE SIZE: Strictly Briks® Silicone AlphaBriks™ & MathBriks™ play nice with other toys and are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands. Our Big Briks™ products will fit with any large size building bricks, no matter what brand of building blocks or construction brick sets your child already owns. Help your child build a city and become a creator without spending a fortune.
  • AFFORDABLE, TOP QUALITY: All Strictly Briks® products are built to premium standards, and are a guaranteed tight fit with all major building block sets. 


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