Makerspace Awards Program

Strictly Briks is awarding up to $2,000 in in-kind materials to museums with Makerspace programs.


Makerspace Award Program Guidelines

Guidelines, Evaluation Criteria and Giving Priorities

About Us

The Strictly Briks Award Program mission is to expand creative play while inspiring a new generation of engineers, designers, mathematicians, and beyond. Strictly Briks aims to provide awards and establish strategic partnerships that will further the vision of “Dream, Create, Grow.”

Makerspace Award Summary

Organizations applying for this award will receive up to $2,000 in Strictly Brik’s products to create a “Maker Space,” in their respective museum. Here's an example of how one museum utilized their Makerspace award.

Who is Eligible?
  • Museums that provide unique programming and/or community outreach initiatives directed toward children’s education and creative development.
  • Domestic or International Museums
  • Have to currently have or plan to implement a permanent “maker space,” exhibit. “A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. 

Rendina, D. (2015). Defining Makerspaces: What the Research Says. Retrieved from Renovated Learning.

Makerspace Award Guidelines

Strictly Briks reviews and considers every award request received from a qualifying, eligible organization.

Makerspace Award proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:

Eligible museum submits a proposal for a program or initiative that aligns with the Strictly Briks Award Program Judging Criteria (see below).

Award proposal addresses important considerations:

  1. Geographic reach: city, state, regional or national level.
  2. Employee engagement, ability to reach children.
  3. Appropriate scope of the initiative being supported or impact made to the community.
Makerspace Award Judging Criteria

Strictly Briks Awards are focused on children’s education and creative development. We accomplish this by accepting Award applications from museums that:

  • Have a vision that aligns with our commitment to Pre-K-8 STEM education.
  • House a permanent educational, “maker space,” area in their respective facility, or the ability to implement one within three (6) months of award date.
  • Offer opportunities for community involvement and educational outreach.
Makerspace Award Application Process

All award proposals must be submitted via

Please note the following:

  • Value of award requests must be a maximum of $2,000.

Winners are required to submit the following:

  • Photos of “maker space” required upon completion.
  • Strictly Briks logo placement on museum website and “maker space,” exhibit.

Makerspace Award Notification

Once an award proposal has been approved through the process detailed above, an Award Letter is sent to the organization via email.

Notifying award recipients that they have been selected for the Strictly Briks Award Program Award.

A Strictly Briks staff member will coordinate with you to prepare your requested products for shipment.

If you have any questions about our awards program, please email or call 608-687-7572.