The Importance of Creative Play for Children

Posted by Brian Semling on Apr 6th 2018

Creative play is what children do best! Toys or objects that spark a child’s imagination and encourages creative expression are perfect for creative play—including Strictly Briks. Whether they’re crea … read more

6 Ways Educational Toys Can Help Your Child

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 26th 2018

Educational toys not only need to strengthen a child’s development, but they also need to be fun to play with too. The best educational toys include building blocks, building sets, science kits, and c … read more

All About STEM Learning

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 19th 2018

Award winning Strictly Briks is a toy company that offers unique, engaging products that help children with STEM learning and skill sets. Surely you have heard this terminology, but what is STEM and w … read more

What Can We Build Together With Strictly Briks?

Posted by Brian Semling on Mar 9th 2018

Strictly Briks award-winning STEM toys have won over the teachers and children of Peachtree Presbyterian Pre-School in Atlanta, Georgia!STEM learning is based around four disciplines: science, technol … read more