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Strictly Briks Tower Race [VIDEO]

What happens when you put two children up against each other in an all-out battle for the #1 Strictly Briks Builder? Let's find out.
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Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates [VIDEO]

Whether it's the floor, a child’s desk or your building table, what’s the one thing you need to start your brick building? Well, it’s not a mandatory requisite, but it sure helps. It’s a baseplate. 

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The Ultimate Source for Creative Play [VIDEO]

From Standard size and Big Briks to Silicone Mats & Straps and Brik Sets, Strictly Briks has hundreds of building block toys to help children build imaginatively and creatively. Open yourself to a world where creativity is your base!

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36 Colors - Giving Creativity Its Base

Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates takes creative building to the next level! Choose from 36 different colors, a variety of unique shapes, sizes and multi-color combo sets—literally hundreds of building brick options you won’t find anywhere else. Each baseplate can be stacked vertically by using Stackers™ to build a tower, garage, castle or as the base for endless creations. Strictly Briks® Stackable Baseplates are compatible with all major brands, including Lego and Mega Bloks.

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The Cube™ by Strictly Briks [VIDEO]

Have you seen our latest innovation? We built The Cube™ to bring a new dimension to your creative play. The Cube™ has 6 separate pieces that come together to create various building surfaces that are still compatible with Strictly Briks and your other favorite brick building sets!

Since the possibilities to build are endless, we’re here to show you some of our favorite ways to incorporate the latest innovation from Strictly Briks into your creative play!

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7 Ways Creative Play Benefits Your Children

Like we’ve said before, we’re all about Creative Play at Strictly Briks. We’ve already broke down what Creative Play is for you in a previous blog post, but if you missed out, Creative Play is when kids are using toys that inspire creative thinking and enhance imagination. If you didn’t catch our post about it, you can check it out here.

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What is Creative Play?

You hear it from us all the time, but have you ever stopped to think, “What is Creative Play?” We mention it on our website, social media and in material that comes with our products. But really, what is Creative Play?

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How Big Briks Enhance Children’s Creativity

If you don’t know by now, we’re all about creativity at Strictly Briks. We got into brick sets to provide you and your children with a toy that can be played with time and time again, not just built once to put on a shelf to never played with again. Since we know your kids want to build freely, we created our sets of Big Briks to fit the creative play needs of every builder!

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Hi there!

Welcome to the Strictly Briks website and we’re glad to see you have stumbled upon our blog. Regardless of how you got here, there’s one thing that we know for certain; you must love building bricks! And that’s great, because so do we!

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